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Did You Know?

Rice is the staple food for almost half of the world’s population.

Rice has been feeding mankind for more than 5,000 years.

Instead of ‘How are you’, the Chinese would greet one
another with ‘Have you had your rice today?’

In Japan, people did not think in terms of breakfast,
lunch, and dinner, but rather morning rice (asa gohan),
afternoon rice (hiru gohan), and evening rice (ban gohan).

In Japan, auto titans are even rooted in the rice fields:
Toyota means ‘bountiful rice field’ and Honda means ‘main
rice field’.

The Japan word for cooked rice (gohan) is the same as
the word for meal.

In Singapore, a good job is an iron rice bowl (tie fan wan),
and being out of a job, a broken rice bowl.

In India, it is said the grains of rice should be like
two brothers: close but not stuck together.

In Thailand, when you call your family to a meal you say,
"Eat Rice”(gin kao).

Louis Armstrong signed his autograph "Red Beans and
Ricely Yours..."

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