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What is rice milk?

Rice milk is traditionally made from brown rice cooked with water, blended and strained to get the maximum from the grain. It is thinner and more translucent than cow’s milk. It contains more carbohydrates as compared to cow’s milk, but less protein and calcium and no cholesterol and lactose. Commercial brands are often fortified with Vitamins A and D, some B vitamins, calcium and iron.

Where is Rich Rice Milk from?

Rich Rice Milk is made in Australia.

Does rice milk taste good?

Absolutely! It holds the natural sweetness of rice, which even children enjoy and it’s healthy as it does not require any additional sweetener. It can be had warm or cold, mixed with any milk flavour powders like ‘Milo’ or ‘Horlicks’, just like cow’s milk.

Can children consume rice milk?

If your child has nut or dairy allergies or if you just want to choose healthy and give your child rice milk, it is best to choose the fortified ones like RICH Rice Milk as they contain a good balance of calcium and vitamins found in cow’s milk. The low fat content in rice milk can be compensated for by adding healthier fats (like monounsaturated fats) to your child’s diet. The low protein content of rice milk makes it easier to digest for children. Please note that rice milk cannot be substituted for infant formula and therefore should not be given to babies.

Is rice milk suitable for vegetarians and

Rice milk is a great substitute for cow’s milk for vegans and vegetarians as it is a grain with no animal additives. It is naturally a low fat beverage with no saturated fatcor cholesterol, making it a healthy choice for conscious consumers.

Can rice milk be used for cooking or

Yes, rice milk can be used for cooking and baking. However, it is slightly sweet in taste, so goes better with products that need to be sweet, like pancakes or baked desserts.

Will rice milk make me fat?

Although rice milk is higher in carbohydrates as compared to cow’s milk, it has NO saturated fats and cholesterol and is naturally a low fat beverage. So if you want to lose weight or go on a diet,or just choose healthy, rice milk may just be a better option than cow’s milk!

Is rice milk suitable for people with
medical conditions, eg. Diabetics, kidney
failure, heart disease?

For diabetics, if your health practitioner has advised you to limit rice intake, you may need to take that into consideration. For those with kidney complications, if you are advised to go on a low protein diet, rice milk may be a good option as it is low in protein and fat, and easy to digest. If you are on a heart healthy diet, rice milk may be a good alternative to cow's milk as it has no cholesterol. Nevertheless, for all medical conditions, we highly recommend that you seek the advice of your medical practitioner.

Why should I choose rice milk?

If you have lactose intolerance, it would be a good idea to substitute cow’s or goat’s milk with rice milk. Non-organic cow’s milk may come laced with antibiotics, hormones (growth or estrogen) including the much-need-to-avoid saturated animal fat for those watching their weight or on a heart healthy diet. Those who are allergic to dairy products or are vegan by choice can also opt for rice milk that is fortified with Calcium as a healthy substitute, such as RICH Rice Milk.

I already drink soy milk, so why change
to rice milk?

Those who are allergic to nuts, may also be sensitive to soy and therefore, need an alternative beverage. Organic rice milk does not contain added sugars and is naturally sweet, which may be a great answer to those who want to avoid sugar. The natural sweetness is an added bonus, which kids readily take to, especially if they have nut or dairy allergies. Rice milk, unlike soy, does not contain a significant source of protein, which makes it gentle on the stomach and digestion. If you are not buying organic soy milk, then you may be drinking milk that uses genetically modified soy beans.

What are the benefits of switching to
rice milk?

Those on special diets either to lose weight and/or for other health conditions (such as heart health, allergies, lactose intolerance), fortified rice milk is a good substitute as it is naturally a low fat product. RICH Rice Milk is made from organic whole brown rice and is free from artificial colours, preservatives and flavours. It is easy to digest since it has less protein and fat as compared to dairy milk.

Should anyone avoid rice milk?

Rice-related allergies are very uncommon, but you do need to read the ingredients on the label of commercial brands of rice milk in case of preservatives or additives that some may be sensitive to. RICH Rice Milk makes a good alternative beverage as it is free of these and has no sweetener added. However, diabetics asked to cut down on rice may need to limit consumption as advised.

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